Hit the ground running...

Well what a week!

Our first week back at language was both hard and wonderful! Joe and I both enjoy our classes but felt a little overwhelmed at first with the homework :-) But God knows and they are wonderful! I started out the week with singing commitments and Joe with Sound commitments. Then on Thursday I helped a few of the lady teachers practice their typical Costa Rican dance for the New student Fiesta on Friday by running the sound. And the next thing I knew they had roped me into dancing with them. Oh yes... you heard me...LOL ! I was able to learn a few typically steps and surprised Joe by coming with the ladies... I even pulled him into it too! LOL
Joe and I were able to observe a traditional praying to Baby Jesus last night that the family in front of us invited to. We were both blessed but grieved at the same time as many of the prayers were to Mary. Lord help us be a light! :-)


Back to the Grind Stone... and Scripture coming Alive!

Well here we are again. Another Trimester awaits us beginning on Monday. This will be our last trimester here in Costa Rica... our last trimester of learning the Spanish Language. Although it comes as a relief some what. I am nervous, I am scared cause after this comes speaking & living the Latin way without excuses! Oh Lord give me You!
I am so amazed when I see scripture come alive... and why should I be! But I so am..... every time! We read over and over again how God will provide for us and that we do not need to worry about tomorrow and what we will wear and what we will EAT! How true is this! Yesterday as we tried to get life into order and didn't have any food in the house for any meal. We were greeted by our Costa Rican neighbor with tamales for breakfast! How wonderful! Then we headed to see some other Costa Rican friends and without expecting it we recieved dinner! I just can't get over how AMAZING GOD is and how He even thinks of the little things!



Weekend Fun...

Joe and I were able to enjoy this last weekend with a couple of missionary kids.... how much fun we had! :-) A missionary couple here was able to go to a marriage conference while we watched their girls! We were able to attend a Harvest party and then spend the next day making crafts and taking them to McDonalds! I don't think i have ever done so many crafts in my life! LOL :-) But we praise God for the great time that He blessed us with this weekend!



It is wonderful when God sends those lovely reminders to you that it is not about you! :-) It is not about you at all! It is about Him and what He wants..... He wants more kids!
Today Joe and I were able to get a reminder why God wants to send willing ones to other countries. Today in Chapel a group of very young kids came to lead us into worship from the poorest area of the city - La Carpio. I broke as I heard the glorious story of God in their lives and how they are now being used to further God's message and love!
Tuesday I was able to go to La Carpio again to teach english.... instead i played with the kids.... coloring, running, hugging, and just loving! Hopefully next week I can post pictures!


God is doing something...

It's funny when life seems to get harder and harder that I think... oh it is just cause God is doing something, He has everything under control. So does that mean that when everything is good He is taking a nap? I don't think so.
So Costa Rica is going well. Language study gets harder and harder as we press on but we make it. Christmas is coming soon and for some reason that is all I can think about lately. Oh well...


2nd Trimester....

So far so good.... Things are going quite well this second trimester of learning the Spanish Language! I am enjoying my Teachers and my classmates!

Today was a great day of making jewelry! I made my own earrings today.... it was great!


So Much...

Much has happened in the last couple of weeks.... Lots of fun!

We are done with our first semester! Yeay.... We never thought it was going to go by so fast :-)!
God has been so good allowing opportunities in our lives to practice the Spanish language and to learn it.
I was approached by the director of classes to let me know that are going to move me up to a higher class next semester. At first I was a little nervous because I am so behind... but the Lord graciouslly provided a tutor.... so I will be caught up!
Joe and I have been able to be used in and experience many things these last couple of weeks.
We were able to attend our first Costa Rican Birthday party... may I say wow.... along with a few pics...

We then had the opportunity to go to an English Language class to present activities in English, Develope new relationships, and share the Gospel... it was great! Many were saved but one man was searching... and Joe was able to share with him!

Then we were able to take some youth kids to the amusement park! It was great! I got sooo sick... the rides were crazy!

Joe and I were also able to be a apart of a Costa Rican weddding! It was so beautiful! And I was able to sing at the Language School graduation! Today Joe was able to play ball with a bunch of guys and share the Gospel with a Tico! It was wonderful!.... he is really searching... and Joe is hoping to start a Bible Study with him! Our God is good....


Guanacaste Weekend...

This weekend was a long weekend... yeay! Friday was Guanacaste Day here in Costa Rica. We did have classes but then enjoyed a program enlightening us all on the culture of this day. This was the day the Costa Ricans defeated the Nicaraguans. So there was song and dance...

Friday evening Joe and I were able to spend some time playing games with friends... it was refreshing!
Saturday we headed to a birthday party. The family that use to live in front of us, invited us to go with them to their grandaughters birthday party. It was a great time engaging in coversation and learning about a latin birthday party... they go all out!
Sunday was a great time at church... uplifting the members of the church and meeting a new couple that is visiting from the states for a few weeks. Sun. night we were able to spend more time with them along with a couple from the church.
Today was a day off... oh how sweet. Joe and I were able to spend some needed time together... and now tomorrow school begins again!

Thanks for your prayers!


Mix-Match Day at School...

This past Friday was Mix-Match day at School. It was great! All of us looked so hilarious! I didn't have much to work with so I layered cloths with different colors and put on TONS of jewelry! Joe turned his cloths inside out and turned around!

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.... Here are some pics


Las Palmas...

Friday was a great day at school. We were all able to enjoy culture day that the teachers put on!
The rest of the weekend Joe and I had a great time, enjoying the beach! We were able to see monkeys and snorkel!
It is amazing to view God's creation and enjoy it for even just a little while... here are some pics...